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Villa voted Top 10 Green Building Products
for 2009 by Sustainable Industries magazine!

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  • Odor-free
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Attractive
  • Least cost compared to other ecological toilets

Urine-diverting eco-toilets provide odor-less, comfortable and attractive sanitation without a septic or sewer system!

Drain the urine to a soakaway, graywater system, septic tank, urine composter or collection tank. Compost or dispose the dry solids.

• Separett of Sweden Urine-Diverting Composting Toilets
Ecovita introduced Separett urine-diverting composting toilets to North America in 1999. For cottages and new additions, sauna and pool rooms, studios, boats, events, and more--Separett urine-diverting composting toilets and waterless urinals provide attractive, inexpensive, easy-to-maintain, odor-free ecological sanitation for waterwise comfort!

The Composting Toilet System Book and other books
This book tells you all you need to know to buy or build a water-less or micro-flush composting toilet, with chapters on maintenance, installation profiles and graywater systems.

• Ekologen Urine-Diverting Toilets

Looking for something else?
For plans for build-it-yourself composting toilets:EcoWaters Projects.


Allison Flynn with her Eco-Flush toilet in Orleans, Mass.


Villa has been redesigned. Sleeker lines, trimmer base to fit the smallest bathrooms. Made of durable, recyclable non-PVC plastic! Available with 110-volt and 12-volt fans.

See a video of the Villa

"We've tried two other composting toilets, and we know the issues--but this system is really well thought-out. We're really happy with it!"
--J.K., New Boston, N.H.

The Nature's Head for sailboats, RVs, truck cabs, and more!

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The Privy Kit urine-diverter kit:
The easiest, lowest-cost way to make a urine-diverting toilet!
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The EcoDry (formerly Ekologen ES)
porcelain urine-diverting toilet stool

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