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Nature's Head Composting Toilet
For boats, RVs, truck cabs, vans, cottages, and more! The tiniest composting toilet on the market.


Ecovita is happy to supply the urine-diverting Nature's Head Composting Toilet (aka Nature's Head Marine Composting Head), a super-compact urine-diverting composting for boats, vans, RVs, truck cabs and wherever a tiny-footprint composting toilet is needed. We especially like the view guard and the composting agitator which make using this system in tight quarters even easier.

The Nature's Head was developed by a sailboat owner who was tired of the odors associated with his water-flush head and holding tank, as well as the pollution resulting from boaters.

Features an integral 12-volt fan that provides a constant negative pressure to pull moisture out of the living space. In many cases a noticeable improvement in air quality will be perceived upon opening the companionway hatch after lay-ups.

Urine is collected in the smaller forward tank. The urine tank makes an otherwise unpleasant chore very easy a with convenient carrying grip so that you don't have to become intimate with the contents. The urine tank holds about four days' use per person if used exclusively.

The Nature's Head Marine Head may be integrated with an existing holding tank system to expand its holding capacity.


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Base: 13" wide

Platform where mounts to floor: 10" (with back angled up)

Measuring from top: 18.75" deep (+ about .25 for rear hinge); another inch is necessary when the lid is up, so factor 20" depth.

(However, hull curve and the self-supporting bottle mean you do not need that much depth for your platform.)

20" high

Left to right width: 16.5" at widest point

About 3" is required on the side for rotating agitation crank for composting solids

Hose, fan, and crank can be moved to either side of the Nature's Head

Nature's Head open and dismantled for service



Steve Bliven, a harbor planning consultant based in Dartmouth, Mass., shows the composted contents of his composting head he and his wife Carol use in their Southern Cross sailboat. Steve likes to empty the toilet in the spring, before their boat is put in the water.

Here, we see that all excreta and toilet paper have composted. All that's left is one of the bowl liners. Steve and Carol usually don't bother using the supplied bowl liners in their system, since they found they weren't necessary for keeping the bowl clear of skidmarks.


Steve pours the contents of the solids container into this composter to compost with this yard and kitchen wastes.