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Installing Your Villa, Weekend 12v or Chalet
Closed container
The waste is hidden until you sit down, which causes the sliding panel to retract. A feature of the Villa, Weekend 12v, and Chalet models.
Child seat
A urine-diverting child seat is available as an optional extra for all Separett toilets (except for the Privy Kit).

Separett Villa, Weekend 12v, and Chalet can be installed in any location, irrespective of the room temperature. You must be able to route the urine away and install a venting pipe. You also require access to a 110V or 12V power supply depending on the model.

Ventilation through wall or roof. We recommend a maximum of two 90° pipe joints for Weekend and Chalet (with fan). No recommended maximum for Separett Villa. However, the fewer the bends, the better. A cowl or vent grill is fitted to the end of the venting pipe. If existing ventilating pipes are in place, the toilet can be connected to them. Villa and Weekend are fitted with condensation collectors. The ventilating pipes do no need to be insulated - indoors or outdoors. With Chalet (with or without fan), the pipe must be insulated along its entire length.
Urine waste pipe
The urine drainage pipe can be led to a domestic wastewater pipe (e.g., sink, bath, or shower), a soakaway, or a tank. Details concerning the most suitable and approved alternative can be obtained from your local authorities (health, building, environment, etc.).

Domestic wastewater system Soakaway Outdoor tank

What to do with the urine?

1. Direct it to a soakaway (a gravel-filled pit or leachfield)

2. Drain it to an existing septic system

3. Combine it with graywater and drain it to a Wastewater Garden (Ecovita sells plans for these)

4. Drain it to a container filled with wood shavings or other carbon to create compost