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EcoDry and EcoFlush Urine-Diverting Toilets
Attractive urine-diversion for do-it-yourself or under-floor composting toilet systems

EcoDry Urine-Diverting Toilet

The EcoDry Porcelain Urine-Diverting Toilet provides an attractive urine-diverting option for making your own composting toilet system (with an aerated barrel or other container) or to reduce the load on a below-floor composting toilet.

By keeping urine separate, potentially polluting nutrients are kept away from nutrient sensitive ponds, lakes, seashores, and groundwater.

Most users choose the EcoDry simply to create an easy-to-maintain odorless composting toilet systems that looks great and is simple to operate.

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EcoDry toilets are a great bargain, given that you can make an inexpensive under-floor composting toilet and use this attractive stool with it.

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Porcelain toilet: Length: 23 inches; width: 15 inches; overall height: 18 inches; seat height: 16 inches

Water connection: 1/2 inch

Urine drain: 3/4-inch pipe to be connected to 2-inch PVC pipe

Solid waste opening: 8-inch PVC, fiberglass or other (not included)

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One installation option

Note: Shipping costs can be significant due to porcelain's vulnerability in transport.


EcoFlush Low-Flush Toilet

The EcoFlush Porcelain Urine-Diverting Toilet uses just .05 gallons (.2 liters) and .66 gallons (2.5 liters) to flush solids!

Why a urine-diverting flush toilet? Besides offering substantial water savings, flushing urine separately allows an opportunity to keep this nutrient-rich flow away from nutrient-sensitive environments, such as ponds, lakes, seashores, and groundwater.

Urine can be drained to tanks that are periodically pumped to apply to hayfields and tree farms, or drained to a Growaway Garden where it can be evaporated and used up by plants.

Compare this low-energy ecological approach to the high-energy conventional systems that bubble oxygen into tanks to gas off the nitrogen.


Stay tuned for more information on the Ecovita Web site about installations of EcoFlush toilets.

Developed in Sweden, EcoFlush toilets provide nitrogen-management solutions worldwide.

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Click here to download a PDF brochure

Call to order. Note: Shipping costs can be significant due to porcelain's vulnerability in transport.

An EcoFlush in a home in Oakland, Calif. drains to a graywater system that irrigates and ferilizes the landscape with no odors.