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The Privy Kit
A urine-diverter that makes constructing your own composting toilet—
or improving an existing latrine—easy!

Note: Kit does not include container and wood

The Separett Privy kit transforms your outdoor toilet into a urine-diverting toilet. The advantage: By keeping urine and solids separate, you are spared latrine odor, and waste is easier to manage.

Feces can be collected in a pail, a barrel (even a garbage can or 55-gallon barrel) or plastic garbage bag, while urine is routed via a hose to a soakaway, tank or composter.

To ensure comfort all-year-round, the kit includes a styrofoam seat with a lid, so that the seat feels warm as soon as you sit down. Replacements are available.

The urine hose twists on and off the diverter.

Why the styrofoam seat? Because it's warm in cold bathrooms! The seat will break down if exposed outdoors to sun for lengthy periods. Looking for a more solid hard plastic seat and lid? See the new Privy Kit 501: click here.

Included: 3 sets of free downloadable plans for making composting toilets.

Click here to see a photo and diagram of one installation.

Price: $129
+ $17 UPS shipping
in the continental U.S.

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Click here for ordering information

Material: Seat of cellular plastic, urine bowl of recyclable plastic

Hose: Urine waste hose, 6.5 ft. (2 m) inner ¯ 1.25 in. (32 mm)

Height: Existing outdoor toilet

Breadth: Seat 14.76 ins. (375 mm)

Depth: Seat 17.7 ins. (450 mm)

Ventilation: Existing ventilation in outdoor toilet

Included as standard: Insulated seat, urine separating kit, urine hose.